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This upstairs bedroom is more than just a room, its a hide away with lots of added goodies. Hidden in the louvered doors are four twin beds so little ones have a good ol' time in this spacious room. However, couples too can find enjoyment. With a double, a private bath and lots of space for each person to move around in, everyone can have their own corner of the world while getting better acquainted is subtly encouraged by the glowing embers of the fire below. Whether its the spark of romance or the fulfillment of family, the rooms in these cabins offer space, warmth and comfort.


Creating log cabins that have built almost entirely from "scratch", Linda and Ivor, with the help of their children, have made a loving and wonderful place that any traveler would truly admire. The enticing and clean smell of the forest can be found in each of the cabins. Masterfully built, the rooms are spacious for living and enjoying the quality time with family and friends, or tons of elbow room for the lone travelers who simply wish to get away from the mundane. Built to provide privacy, guests feel at home, with the added luxury of a having the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina as the backyard. Free wireless Internet access.

Every cabin has a fireplace. This is the center of attention in the large and spacious living areas. All the fireplaces are stone, and once in a while guests have been known to cook in them. Perhaps just roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, but it sure makes for a fun and truly enjoyable time for all. There are gas heaters and electric heaters as well, but most guests prefer the large fireplaces. In the summer enjoy the convenience of air-conditioning. Linda and Ivor happily provide free firewood for those winter nights.

photo of living room fireplace at Smoky Mountain Retreat Vacation Rentals


Two bedrooms downstairs (one with double bed and one with queen.) Two baths downstairs, a kitchen, dining and living room. Upstairs provides a double bed, 4 twins beds behind louvered doors on either side of the room. There is a bath upstairs too.

Log Cabin 1

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